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The Timer Control Unit (TCU) is the heart of your Big Dipper. It contains the timer and other electrical components that control the grease skimmer wheel, internal heater and other parts. If the TCU isn’t working properly, then neither is your grease interceptor.

We make Timer Control Unit repairs simple. Send us the TCU and we’ll diagnose the problem, then fix it. All without downtime. 

No downtime • No service appointments

No-hassle repair

Our repair service is simple. Here's how it works

  • How much will this cost?
    Costs will depend on what exactly is wrong. During our diagnostic process, we’ll determine an exact repair cost and get your approval before proceeding. In some cases, it may make more sense to replace your Timer Control Unit. We’ll let you know your options and explain the costs involved.
  • What part of my Big Dipper will I need to ship?
    You’ll ship the Timer Control Unit (TCU) — the center lid component containing the controls, timer and electrical parts for the Big Dipper’s skimming wheel and other components. It will fit in the box we send you for easy return shipping. Your TCU is this component.
  • How long will the repair take?
    Our goal is to complete repairs and get your unit back to you within 3 weeks. In most circumstances, your Big Dipper should be able to operate efficiently for that long without needing a pump out. This means no downtime or service interruptions while we’re repairing your Timer Control Unit.
  • What do you mean no downtime?
    The shipping, diagnosis and repair time is designed to be 3 weeks or less. In most cases, your Big Dipper will continue to capture and hold grease for that long before it needs to be emptied.
  • Do you repair my model of Big Dipper?
    Currently we only repair 51,000 Series units (with 2 blue-button controls). Please reference the replacement parts page for help repairing older Big Dipper models.
  • What if my unit is still covered by the warranty?
    Of course, we’ll honor the terms of your warranty, including covering any applicable repair or replacement costs. If you believe your unit is under warranty please include copy of your receipt when submitting the repair form.
  • What warranty do repaired parts have?
    Repaired parts have a 90 day warranty from date of invoice.
  • Are Big Dipper repairs available where I live?
    Because your Timer Control Unit is shipped to Thermaco for repair, Big Dipper repairs are limited to customers residing in the contiguous United States only.
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